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Welcome to Workolo!


There are essentially two apps:

1. Workolo app is for our 'Customers' to find, select and hire 'Your Services' for their upcoming event or a audio-visual production.

2. Workolo PRO app is for the 'You'/'Providers' to list 'Your Services' and get hired for an event or a audio-visual production.


For 'You': Downloading Workolo PRO app (App store/ Play Store) is completely free. On-boarding (i.e. Registration and listing of your Service(s)) is also 100% free.


Customers get to check your availability for a specific Service you had listed on Workolo PRO app.  You may accept or reject based on your availability. And once accept the booking; customer will get to pay (pays to Workolo) and confirm the order. Validate the START-OTP (verbally provided by your Customer) in order to commence your task and likewise validate the END-OTP to indicate you have completed the task. Upon validating your END-OTP your payment (after deductions) will be deposited to your bank account. 


Note: Deductions: Rs 400 or 15% whichever is greater of the booking total + taxes as applicable

Remember, you can always do transactions with the Workolo's Customer offline but beware that Workolo won't take any responsibility in regards to that offline transaction. No legal opinion or protection will be entertained for such offline transactions.


- Your Services must have something to do with the sports, marketing or any entertainment industry; providing your Talent, Venue or any resources on hire.

- PAN, GSTIN & Aadhaar is mandatory for Indian providers.

- Passport & TaxID is mandatory for International providers.

- YouTube video link of your service(s) is mandatory. (serves as a demo)

- Bank account is mandatory for Indian providers.

- Paypal account is mandatory for Interational providers.

- Good reputation/character in the market is vital and the company reserves the right to terminate service(s) or the account if deficiencies are found.

Following are the Designations we are currentling enrolling. If you do not find your Designation below; please write to requesting to include your desired Designation in this list.

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